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Fish Canning Company

Paolo Cavataio's Fish Canning Company “IL FARO” since 1980 has specialised in the production, preservation and trade of the best quality Blue Fish, caught in the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean Sea near Sciacca, Sicily.

Throughout the years, our company has strengthened its position in the Italian and foreign markets; thanks to the professionalism of our employees, who under the experienced management of its founder, can achieve a mix of cutting-edge and traditional ways of processing and preserving Salted Anchovies.

Our decades of experience in the sector allows us to guarantee our customers only the best of Blue Fish, thus gaining the trust of both national and international consumers. If you are looking for high quality fish products, rely on "IL FARO" to satisfy your needs.


Discover our product categories

acciughe salate

Salted Anchovies

Selection of high quality salted anchovies. Discover the authentic taste of the sea.

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sardine salate

Salted sardines

Selection of salted sardines preserved according to ancient artisan traditions.

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filetti acciughe

Anchovy fillets

Selection of anchovy fillets preserved in EVO oil in different formats

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filetti sardine

Sardine fillets

Selection of sardine fillets preserved in sunflower seed oil.

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High quality tuna, in different preparations and formats, perfect for all your recipes.

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Mackerel fillets

Mackerel fillets, carefully selected to guarantee freshness and superior quality.

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